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Privacyware Releases Personal Firewall, Anti-logger and HIPS Software Update for Windows 8.1

Summary: Privacyware has released an update of its leading free Personal Firewall, Anti-logger, and HIPS product – Privatefirewall. The popular Internet security software now supports the Windows 8.1 Operating System.

NEW ALBANY, OH, October 16, 2013 – Privacyware, an innovative provider of security software solutions for Windows Web servers and personal computers, today announced the latest release of its popular free PC Security product – Privatefirewall. The software update is compatible with the Windows 8.1 Operating System.

Privatefirewall is a leading free security software product that protects Windows PCs from
hackers, viruses, trojans and zero-day attacks. It provides an exceptional layer of additional protection for the Windows OS, utilizes minimal system resources and delivers easy to use but powerful out-of-box protection. Privatefirewall ranks among the top performing desktop defense applications tested against the industry's most rigorous leak, general bypass, spying and termination tests and is rated 5 stars “Spectacular” by the Editors of CNET.

“Windows 8.1 offers highly anticipated enhancements and usability improvements to Windows 8 and Privacyware is excited to announce support of this OS upgrade with the latest Privatefirewall release,” said Privacyware CEO Greg Salvato. “Privatefirewall offers an exceptional combination of firewall, anti-logger, anti-malware, application control and behavioral monitoring technologies that enable consumers and businesses to harden their systems and prevent potential harm from hackers, malware and other online threats. Beyond its multi-layered design, Privatefirewall is light on system resources and provides management options geared for users that prefer either highly automated or advanced hands-on control.”

Privatefirewall employs a multi-layered security architecture that combines a stateful Firewall, Process Monitor and Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS) technologies to identify and block Trojans, keyloggers, code injection, program hijacking and zero-day threats and prevent system compromise and theft of personal data.

Privatefirewall’s key integrated components include:

Process Monitor inspects and manages critical process functions and blocks malicious code injection and other hostile activity.

Anti-keylogger module blocks attempts by malware to record keystrokes or mouse input, read or simulate keyboard state, copy screen contents and more.

Advanced packet filtering via stateful firewall monitors all inbound and outbound communication between the PC and the Internet.

Process Detection component detects new process and blocks those classified as untrusted.

Highly configurable Application Control Engine manages precisely how applications can function via the Internet.

System and email anomaly detection engines learn normal system and application use patterns to detect and block suspicious activity.

Pricing and Availability

Privatefirewall 7 is free. Visit Privacyware online to download today. Privatefirewall supports 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 8 and 8.1, 7, Vista, and Server 2012, 2008/R2 as well as 32 bit versions of XP and Server 2003. Private label and OEM licensing and integration options are also available to ISVs, ISPs and hardware and peripheral equipment vendors.

About Privacyware

Privacyware (www.privacyware.com) is an innovative provider of award-winning
security software solutions for Windows Web servers and personal computers. Privacyware products leverage conventional and advanced analytics technologies to help systems administrators, IT security and compliance personnel more effectively identify, understand and prevent malicious, unauthorized and/or deviant computing system activity. Privacyware is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network with Silver OEM and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) competencies.

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