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Business success depends on a clear vision of the potential risks to mission-critical systems. With breakthrough products and world-class services, Privacyware extends the capabilities of conventional system security and helps you manage threats more efficiently and effectively.

Established in 1999, Privacyware is the IT security products and solutions division of PWI, Inc., a provider of advanced technology and software solutions in IT Security, Enterprise Messaging, Analytics and Custom Software Development.

The combination of our advanced competencies in non-linear mathematics, neural networks and self-learning systems, and proficiency in complex software and systems development allows us to create innovative security solutions that are distinguished by their ease of use, advanced analytic capabilities, and the value they deliver to security staff and the greater enterprise. Privacyware solutions fuel the organization’s ability to make better decisions and remain a step ahead of hackers and others seeking to compromise critical systems.

Privacyware products include:
ThreatSentry: Web Application Firewall for Windows IIS Web Servers

Our business strategy is focused on alliances, OEM arrangements and other cooperative partnerships with ISVs, ISPs, Data Centers and hosting providers. Privacyware is lead by executive management, strategic and technical advisors with extensive experience in the security, compliance, technology, communications, and financial services sectors.

The Privacyware development and professional services team includes an array of computer scientists, mathematicians, and security technology specialists who have delivered advanced solutions to IT and communications services providers, consultants, small businesses, local governments and municipalities and some of the world's most highly profiled global enterprises.

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